Memory Match - In App Game

Background and strategic fit
Mazu develops apps for major league sports teams' Kid’s clubs. At the time there was a V1 version of the apps, but Mazu needed prove to the Client that the V2 version of the app has just as much to offer as the v1 apps. As the v1 app has a mini game, and the v2 version does not. Thus, we designed Memory Match.

To provide more engagement for users and return visits in Mazu’s Team Club apps for Major League sports teams by designing a mini game.

6-12 year old fans of that specific team

  • Role UI/UX Product Designer
  • For Mazu
  • Date 2016
  • Type In app game
  • Illustration By Steve Neu
  • Tooling, XD, Balsamiq, Gsuite, Atlassian, Slack

Games – App View

Skill Level – App View

Easy Skill Level – App View

Easy Skill Level Card with Flipped State – App View

Medium Skill Level – App View

Hard Skill Level – App View

Completed Game and Score – App View