Mazu - Family App

Background and Strategic Fit
Mazu provides a family messaging and content engagement platform. To connect families to each other and to their communities by challenging them to complete challenges together, while staying safe under the Child Online Privacy Act.

To fully design all aspects of the interface and user flows for scenarios such as child registration, adult verification, email subscription, friend invites, family group invites and messaging systems.

Families with children under 16

  • Role Sole UI/UX Product Designer
  • For Mazu
  • Date 2016 – Present
  • Type Mobile application and emails
  • Illustration By Steve Neu
  • Branding By James Calder
  • Tooling, XD, Balsamiq, Gsuite, Atlassian, Slack

Explore – Appstore Image

Chatroom – Appstore Image

Club Bulletin – Appstore Image

Family Chat – Appstore Image

Child Permission Settings – Appstore Image

My Families – App View

Family Empty State – App View

Add Family Members – App View

Invite Family Members from Contacts – App View