Quick 50/50 - Raffle App

Background and Strategic Fit
The main source of income for main non-profits are from 50/50 raffles at events. The process of these raffles have not been enhanced to match current trends for carrying money. They miss out on my buyers simply because they aren’t carrying cash on them, as many only use debit and credit cards.

Intent to increase non-profit organizations’ 50/50pots by a minimum of 14% with our mobile experience. Give the ability for users to buy tickets with a credit card and see the ‘cash pot’ in real time. Ease the production for facilitators by randomly generating the winning number and reduce ‘out of event users’ with geo fencing location.

Adults 18+ in a sports arena/event

  • Role UI/UX Product Designer
  • For Startup Weekend Event Project
  • Date 2016
  • Type Logo, Branding, App UX and UI
  • Tooling Illustrator, XD, Gsuite, Slack

Flow Diagram starting from a user opening the app to the winning ticket being announced.

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Kris Kolesnikoff – Idea Founder
Alejandro Valcarcel – Business Development
Maizal Munif – Technical
Greg Crossfield – Developer
Sarah Donaldson – Product Designer